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The bleak mid-winter

We are approaching the end of the year and it’s been a busy one, full of the activity and chaos that accompanies family life. My three live wires are in the throes of the build up to the arrival of Santa. I love experiencing their glee and giddy anticipation of what’s to come.. holidays, friends and family and goodies galore.
Watching children embrace the positivity of the season reminds me that they are great teachers.. they remind us to stop and enjoy the moment, to experience all the happiness that we as adults can be numb to in our hectic daily lives.
The Christmas tree arrived yesterday and they whooped and jumped around at the sight of it (lying on it’s side without the christmas trimmings!) No snow expected.. we had no choice but to provide the snow ourselves. Have a peaceful and happy Christmas full of love and joy.

Lullabies, mindful music

Lullabies are essential to healthy living when you are a parent!!The power of music and it’s ability to calm and comfort is very reassuring.. a soothing lullaby has an amazing effect on our well being as parents and on our children. When babies are upset, tired, restless or
unsettled for any reason, music has the power to calm and comfort. The lullabies on
I am a little Boat are designed to comfort and settle everyone… parents and babies and older children as well.
Fiona Kelleher album
I am delighted with the initial responses to the new songbook and cd.There has been many comments about the calming quality of the music, the song arrangements and the beautiful artwork by Inge Van Doorslaer.
The lullabies have been receiving special mention. The music on this album and in
particular the lullabies are designed to calm and soothe children and grown ups too!!!
The SongBook/CD is available on this website in the online shop

Here also is a link to a recent interview with Ellen Cranitch of Lyric FM about the SongBook/CD and the development of a new show for early years.. Grace Notes

Music for babies, new album released.

It’s been a busy week with the Cork and Dublin launches of my new CD/SongBook, I am a little Boat.It was a great experience to share the music with so many people and to celebrate the completion of the project.. it feels like it has been a long road and I am delighted with the completed work.
The Cork launch took place in Graffiti Theatre, Cork and was an informal celebration with some songs and many buns and a very engaged young audience. In the Ark Cultural Centre for Children in Dublin, I gave the very first live performance of the songs with dramatic interpretation by the wonderful George Hanover.See comment from the Ark performance below.
“Really beautiful launch of Fiona Kelleher new album at The Ark, Dublin today. The perfect Christmas present for small people. beautiful music with accompanying book. food for the heart and soul.”
Delighted also to announce that the album is now for sale in The Ark
It was a joy to perform the songs with George who added something very special with her interpretation of the songs.
The whole experience of this week has been very special for me and I am so happy to be sharing the music with you.
Listen to the title track here
Album for sale on the BUY MUSIC page on this website.

I am a little Boat.. music for babies

I am so delighted to be releasing my new album this week in Cork on the 6th of November in Graffiti Theatre and in Dublin on the 9th of November in the Ark Cultural Centre for Children.

This album is dedicated to the youngest of our world with a collection of songs for all times of the day along with a beautifully designed accompanying songbook to enhance the listening experience.

It will be available to purchase from this website from mid week and on iTunes later in the week. It will also be available to purchase at both launches in Cork and Dublin

This recording is presented with funding from the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme managed by Music Network

Looking forward to sharing the music with you.Cover 300dpi

The importance of creative play

Freedom of expression, innovation, problem solving and discovery are the cornerstones of creative play. When children are allowed take responsibility for their own education through play what emerges is far more joyous and significant than the high scores in tests at school. What is learned is profoundly more valuable than our systems of learning of facts and figures that are abstract and unrelated to their lives.
In our efforts to prepare our children for the future with an education based on
standardised testing and rote learning we are dampening their ability to think for
themselves and make good choices.
Independent learning and exploration, collaboration and self directed play are all vital for the development of creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation are necessary tools for living in this fast-paced world.
From birth, children are awake to the world and very quickly start to participate in their own education.. How can we keep the channels of creative play and independent thinking open? How can we start shifting the balance in favour of protecting their creative powers?
See Teacher Tom‘s blog for insights on this subject and many more insights on other aspects of early years education and it’s importance and impact on our small citizens.

Creative play

Creative play

Music for babies, I am a little Boat

Inge Scan(b)

I am a little Boat,an album for children aged 0-3 is on it’s way.
I am delighted to announce that this special album for early years which features the
talents of Caoimhin Vallely on piano and other things will be available in early November.
The release of the album is to be celebrated in a launch in Cork in Graffiti Theatre at 5pm on the 6th of November.
In Dublin on the afternoon of the 9th of November there will be two concerts
celebrating the release of the album in the Ark Cultural Centre for Children.
Check the performance/project page for more details.
Here is a little boat created by Inge Van Doorslaer for the project..
More beautiful images to come and lots in the accompanying songbook to enjoy.

New Visions, New Voices, The Kennedy Center.

With the new album coming out which celebrates music for early years I have been very busy. I was really thrilled to receive the news that Graffiti Theatre is to be part of New Visions, New Voices 2014. As part of the creative team of Graffiti Theatre, I will be attending this important week-long programme in theatre development.
Collaboration with other artists is always such an amazing experience for me. I am looking forward to a great week of collaboration with the talented and dedicated team in Graffiti Theatre Cork.
We will be working on an exciting new theatre piece for early years.
More information on this project at

Music for babies, important and inspirational work.

Music for babies

Music for babies

Working as an early years musician is a journey for me that has so much richness, creative freedom and emotional joy. When I meet and work with very young children with their parents or carers it is truly inspiring to see smiles and laughter, joy and playfulness working hand in hand with musical creativity. I feel like I am on a journey with them for a while and we stay in a space where the most important thing is sharing joy. I learn so much from the children and their carers and parents about openness, feelings, focus, sharing and the ups and downs of the human experience.
This work also brings me many painful pangs of guilt and sorrow. I think about my own three children when they were so so small and wish I had started on this path so much sooner…When I see first hand the positive and profound effects creative work in music gives children and the more I learn ,the more I fret about whether they received enough creative nurturing when they were very little babies. This is what parents who are also early years musicians do. Although they are older (11,10, 8) they are very interested in my work now and are really enthusiastic about helping me work on ideas.. I love that.
In this work, I feel like I can create the best work I can do, and I can do that for the most precious audience. This feels good.

Music for babies, a new chapter

My new album “I am a little Boat” is an early years project. This is a new and exciting chapter in my life as a musician in many ways. My work as an early years artist in the last few years has been the inspiration for this collection of pieces. They arose out of my work with and for very young children and the children themselves taught me so much! The design and visual content is a very important aspect of the project and I worked closely with my good friend, a very talented artist, Inge Van Doorslaer,on the visual design. Her work has expressed the spirit and mood of the album perfectly. Caoimhin Vallely, another good friend and great musician has contributed hugely to this project also.. he created a soundworld that expresses a beautiful, playful and imaginative landscape for the songs.
More detail on the process and release very soon.

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance by Zoe Coffey

Culture Night Cork City

Music for babies

Colours of the chime box

As part of Culture Night I am delighted to present Lullabies and Lavender in conjunction with Graffiti Theatre and Music Generation Cork City.. a musical experience for 0-3 year olds. It will feature some songs from my latest musical project for Early Years due out in late October.. The first show is at 11.30 am and the second at 2.30 pm. More info at