Lullabies, mindful music

I am a little Boat, lullabies
lullabies, I am a little Boat.

Lullabies are essential to healthy living when you are a parent!!The power of music and it’s ability to calm and comfort is very reassuring.. a soothing lullaby has an amazing effect on our well being as parents and on our children. When babies are upset, tired, restless or
unsettled for any reason, music has the power to calm and comfort. The lullabies on
I am a little Boat are designed to comfort and settle everyone… parents and babies and older children as well.
Fiona Kelleher album
I am delighted with the initial responses to the new songbook and cd.There has been many comments about the calming quality of the music, the song arrangements and the beautiful artwork by Inge Van Doorslaer.
The lullabies have been receiving special mention. The music on this album and in
particular the lullabies are designed to calm and soothe children and grown ups too!!!
The SongBook/CD is available on this website in the online shop

Here also is a link to a recent interview with Ellen Cranitch of Lyric FM about the SongBook/CD and the development of a new show for early years.. Grace Notes