Music for babies, a new chapter

My new album “I am a little Boat” is an early years project. This is a new and exciting chapter in my life as a musician in many ways. My work as an early years artist in the last few years has been the inspiration for this collection of pieces. They arose out of my work with and for very young children and the children themselves taught me so much! The design and visual content is a very important aspect of the project and I worked closely with my good friend, a very talented artist, Inge Van Doorslaer,on the visual design. Her work has expressed the spirit and mood of the album perfectly. Caoimhin Vallely, another good friend and great musician has contributed hugely to this project also.. he created a soundworld that expresses a beautiful, playful and imaginative landscape for the songs.
More detail on the process and release very soon.

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance by Zoe Coffey